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Little Rock Stump Grinding Service

After a tree is taken down, cut up, and removed, there’s still the problem of stump removal. Digging out the stump of a large, mature tree is impractical due to the amount of labor involved and the large crater left behind. Chemical methods are often ineffective, take a long time, and leave toxic residues in the soil.

Stump grinding eliminates all of these problems. Grinding the stump down to several inches below the soil line eliminates obstacles to mowing without leaving a large hole. Wood chips from the stump itself, mixed with topsoil, are used to fill in the hole. Over a period of years, the wood chips and subsoil portions of the stump will decompose, leaving your yard looking like the stump was never there.

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Stump Grinding Service in Little Rock

Stump grinding requires special machinery and safety precautions. While some consider going the do-it-yourself route and renting a stump grinder, the cost for renting the machine is about the same as hiring a professional, experienced in safe operation of the machinery, to do the job for you.

Capital City Tree Service has the experience, expertise, and equipment to safely grind down stumps. We can safely remove stumps from your property for no more than you would pay to rent machinery to do it yourself – no need to get your hands dirty.  We’ll give you a fast, free estimate for stump removal in Little Rock.  When you call Capital City Tree Service, we’ll remove the stump, often before other stump grinding companies get around to returning your call.


Professional Little Rock Stump Removal

Stump removal professionals have special machinery to fit the job. To remove a stump in a fenced back yard with a narrow gate, stump grinding pros will rely on a smaller machine that can fit into the space. For large stumps that are more easily accessible, they’ll bring a larger machine that will do the job more quickly.

The professionals at Capital City Tree Service have over a dozen years of experience in stump removal and have stump grinding equipment to fit every situation.  We provide fast, free estimates for stump removal in Little Rock as well as other tree services, our cleanup after the job is second to none, and you don’t pay until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

If you have a tree on your property that needs to be removed, we can handle the job from tree top to the stump – unlike many other tree service or stump grinding companies, who will handle one job or the other but not both.  With Capital City Tree Service, one call does it all to remove both tree and stump.  Contact us today at 501-686-2097 for experienced, professional stump grinding and other tree services in Little Rock and North Little Rock.

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Periodic tree pruning eliminates safety hazards while promoting safe and healthy growth patterns to enhance your tree’s beauty.

Removal of dead or unstable trees close to buildings is crucial for protecting safety and avoiding property damage and liability.

Get rid of unsightly tree stumps that get in the way of mowing and landscaping with quick, environmentally-friendly stump grinding.