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Welcome, and Meet Our Little Rock Tree Service Company

Capital City Tree Service is a fully licensed and insured tree service company providing the full range of tree services to Little Rock and North Little Rock homeowners and businesses. We are a family owned and operated business with a certified arborist on staff.

Capital City Tree Service was founded in 2001 and now has 15 years of experience in professional tree service.

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501-686-2097   |650 S. Shackleford, Suite 400-FF   |  Little Rock, AR 72211
mobile crane used to trim tall trees

Contact us for the following tree services in the Little Rock area:

  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal
  • True 24-hour emergency tree removal
  • Bracing and cabling to stabilize trees

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We are Your Customer-Oriented Little Rock Tree Services Company

Our main goal at Capital City Tree Service is customer satisfaction. This means returning your call promptly; providing you with a fast, free estimate; getting the job done quickly while protecting the safety of your family, guests, and property; and cleaning up after we’re done – all at a competitive price. Capital City Tree Service can often have the job completed before other tree service companies return your call.
Contact Capital City Tree Service for tree services in Little Rock at 501-686-2097. We guarantee our work, and you don’t pay us until the job is completed to your satisfaction.


Professional Little Rock Tree Services

While we maintain the values of a small family-owned business, we’re tree service professionals with a certified arborist on staff. Our values may be old-fashioned, but the way we do our work is not.

Capital City Tree Service uses the most up-to-date machinery to perform our work safely and quickly. Our spider lift machine folds up small enough to fit through a 3’ gate, and is lightweight enough to prevent damage to lawns and paved surfaces. Using it, we can work quickly in confined spaces to trim or remove trees in half the time it takes many other tree service companies.

We also have the stump grinding equipment needed to remove stumps left behind by trees that have fallen or been taken down. Unlike many companies who only do tree trimming and removal or stump removal, we do it all and can remove a tree from top to stump.

Taking down the tree and grinding down the stump is only half the job. Capital City Tree Service’s cleanup is second to none. We’ll haul away all leaves and branches and cut up the trunk for firewood or haul it away according to your preference.

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Choose Capital City Tree Service in Little Rock

Whether a tree has come down in your yard or you just need some tree pruning, here’s why you should contact Capital City Tree Service at 501-686-2097 for all your tree service needs in Little Rock:

  • Professional tree service with certified arborist
  • Free estimates
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Competitive pricing
  • Senior and military discounts
  • Family owned and operated
  • State-of-the-art equipment for fast and safe tree service
  • Full cleanup after tree trimming or tree removal
  • 24-hour emergency tree removal service
  • We work with insurance companies to help you settle claims
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • You don’t pay until job is completed

Periodic tree pruning eliminates safety hazards while promoting safe and healthy growth patterns to enhance your tree’s beauty.

Removal of dead or unstable trees close to buildings is crucial for protecting safety and avoiding property damage and liability.

Get rid of unsightly tree stumps that get in the way of mowing and landscaping with quick, environmentally-friendly stump grinding.