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Little Rock Tree Services for Large Trees

When you have large trees in need or trimming or other services, come to Capital City Tree Service for help!

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Services for Large Tree Care

Most arborists would agree that trees measuring 70 feet or taller in length—about 6 feet tall at minimum—are considered large trees and, as such, require different needs than shorter shrubs, bushes, and trees.

Some common issues that may occur when you own large trees include:

  • Increased risk of lightning striking the tree as it grows taller (such as above a house or other building)
  • Risk of branches growing into power lines or too close to homes
  • Risks and challenges with having a tall tree canopy that is hard to reach, which could lead to dangerous branches falling if not maintained properly

If you have large trees, then you need seasoned pros to take care of them. What better option to go with than the trusted arborists at Capital City Tree Service? With over 15 years of experience, we have the equipment and knowledge to help take care of large trees any time of year. Take a look at our services below.

Trimming Large Trees

When you have large trees, you can’t simply send an untrained person up a tree trunk with a chainsaw. You’d face liability for their safety and, if something were to happen to them, you could face damages for an injury or death.

Rely on our skilled team to use the right kind of equipment, such as cranes and bucket trucks, to trim the tops of tall trees and provide not only the aesthetic trimming you expect, but structural tree trimming to keep your tree safe and stable. We are licensed and insured which can provide you with the assurance that we know what we’re doing when it comes to providing tree care in a safe manner.

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Removal Services for Large Trees

Sometimes a large, old tree becomes too dangerous to keep on your property. You might risk it falling on someone or becoming so unstable it falls on a home, on another building, or across power lines.

We provide tree removal services to safely remove trees from your property, ensuring that those visiting or living nearby no longer have to worry that a once treasured tree might become a risk factor to their safety when they are close by.

Large Tree Cabling & Bracing

If a larger tree is still healthy but facing some issues because of a storm or other factors that are putting it at risk, then you might be able to use cabling and bracing to stabilize it rather than remove it altogether. Our arborists can evaluate your tree’s health and come up with a strategy to try to save the tree before taking drastic measures.

We provide many other tree care services as well, including:

  • Tree injections and tree disease treatment – Help your large tree from the inside out with these specialized services most other tree companies don’t provide!
  • Emergency tree services – Has a tree fallen on your house or appears to be so unstable that help can’t wait? Contact us immediately!
  • Stump grinding – After a tree has been removed, we can provide value added service through getting rid of the tree stump in a safe way.

Contact Capital City Tree Service

For help with large trees on your property, contact Capital City Tree Service and speak with our tree care experts in Little Rock today!

Read our articles about tree care, including stump grinding, stump removal, and emergency tree services we offer to our Little Rock, AR customers!

Removal of dead or unstable trees close to buildings is crucial for protecting safety and avoiding property damage and liability.

Get rid of unsightly tree stumps that get in the way of mowing and landscaping with quick, environmentally-friendly stump grinding.