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Caring for trees is important not only to your property’s value, but for the way it looks. When you hire the experienced team at Capital City Tree Service, you can expect professional tree trimming and pruning services that make your yard look great.

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Tree Trimming and Pruning

If a tree becomes a hazard or its health declines, it may be necessary to remove the tree from the property. Large trees especially can present dangers to property and people. Tree trunks and branches can be very heavy and require specialized equipment to lower them to the ground for the safety of everyone in the area.

Trimming a tree can have two functions. For one, tree trimming helps with reducing hazards, but it can also be used as preventative maintenance. While hazard reduction removes potentially problematic tree branches, preventative maintenance occurs when trees are regularly cared for and pruned to keep them their healthiest.

At Capital City Tree Service, we provide high quality tree trimming services to the Little Rock area. We knows trees not only affect your property’s value but are an important part of your landscaping. Whether your smaller tree needs pruning to keep it looking its best or a larger tree on your property is posing a problem, we have the equipment and knowledge you need to get the job done.

Tree Services Little Rock, AR

When caring for trees, the specialized teams at Capital City Tree Service can offer many different types of tree trimming. When you work with our team, you might hear us use a variety of terms to describe the type of tree care we provide. Some of the most common services that we offer as part of tree trimming and pruning are below.

  • Raising describes removing or trimming lower limbs of a tree to elevate the canopy. Raising increases the amount of sunlight that shines through the foliage, improving grass growth, and also improves visibility to the backyard or house.
  • Deadwooding involves removing dead or broken limbs from a tree. This is often done to give the tree time to heal over dead areas and prevent additional decay.
  • Pruning and shaping provides aesthetically pleasing and uniform shapes for ornamental trees. Bring order and a well-kept appearance to your trees when you want to get your property ready to sell or to give your yard an upscale look.
  • Crown reduction describes tree trimming with the purpose of preventing future damage to property through encouraging healthy growth. Crown reduction focuses on the crown (branches and leaves in the upper canopy) rather than the trunk and is done to reduce the weight of the limbs in the upper part of the tree.
  • Selective trimming removes crossover and prevents limb overcrowding which can be harmful to the tree’s structure and health. With a focus on healthy future growth, selective trimming is done in such a way to prevent disease and decay while still keeping the tree looking its best. For example, collar cuts to larger limbs allow for a healthy tree to flourish because the type of cut done prevents peeling and keeps the tree’s integrity.
  • Shrub trimming controls the shape and size of shrubs on your property, giving your shrubs looking great.

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