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Caring for trees is important not only to your property’s value, but for the way it looks. When you hire the experienced team at Capital City Tree Service, you can expect professional tree trimming and pruning services that make your yard look great.

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Tree Trimming and Pruning

If a tree becomes a hazard or its health declines, it may be necessary to remove the tree from the property. Large trees especially can present dangers to property and people. Tree trunks and branches can be very heavy and require specialized equipment to lower them to the ground for the safety of everyone in the area. In these instances, request emergency tree services right away!

Trimming a tree can have two functions. For one, tree trimming helps with reducing hazards, but it can also be used as preventative maintenance. While hazard reduction removes potentially problematic tree branches, preventative maintenance occurs when trees are regularly cared for and pruned to keep them their healthiest.

At Capital City Tree Service, we provide high quality tree trimming services to the Little Rock area. We know trees not only affect your property’s value but are an important part of your landscaping. Whether your smaller tree needs pruning to keep it looking its best or a larger tree on your property is posing a problem, we have the equipment and knowledge you need to get the job done.

Tree Services Little Rock, AR

When it comes to tree trimming, certified arborists know certain trimming techniques that are more beneficial in specific circumstances. For example, some types of tree trimming simply make a tree look nice, while others are preventative or help a tree’s health in significant ways.

Capital City Tree Service in Little Rock, AR provides all types of tree trimming techniques and provide tree removal when required, giving your trees a better lifespan because of the care and attention they receive. We care about your trees and work towards not only making them look nice, but helping them last longer, too!

Some common tree trimming techniques used on your trees when Capital City Tree Service are outlined below, but if you ever have any questions or want more information, contact us for help!

Tree Trimming Techniques

Raising – Removing or trimming tree limbs in order to elevate the tree’s overall canopy. When an arborist employs raising, the end goal is to allow for better visibility to the house or backyard where the tree is located and also to increase sunlight to the lawn that had previously been blocked by the canopy. This improves grass growth and can make for a more lush, green lawn as well as a healthier looking yard in general.

Deadwooding – Done to prevent future decay and heal dead areas of a tree, deadwooding refers to removing dead and broken tree limbs. This is not only important for the tree’s health but can prevent dangerous situations such as limbs falling on others, causing major injuries.

Pruning and Shaping – Unlike some tree trimming techniques that focus on improving tree’s for their health or to prevent tree limbs from injuring others, pruning and shaping refers to the aesthetic practice of making tree limbs and branches more formal. An arborist might prune and shape smaller ornamental trees to make them look nice and give the yard an appealing appearance.

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Crown Reduction – When the limbs on a tree become too heavy at the top, risking damage to both the tree and the surrounding property, crown reduction tree trimming techniques might be necessary to do to improve both the appearance and health of the tree. Unlike tree topping, a technique certified arborists never recommend doing, crown reduction helps increase the chance a tree that previously had heavy limbs weighing it down grows straight and healthy.

Selective Trimming – A trimming technique that prevents overcrowding limbs and crossover (which can lead to damaged limbs or harm the tree’s structure). Selective trimming can cover a wide variety of techniques, but only a trained professional knows which ones can help a tree and which can harm it.

For instance, if someone decide to trim all but the top of a tree – called lion-tailing – they can create a dangerous situation for the tree’s structure and stability. This type of technique can over-thin a tree and significantly shorten its lifespan. A trained and certified arborist would not recommend doing this to a tree, so it is important to be aware of this when you’re looking to hire a tree trimming company for your trees.

Another example of selective trimming, called a collar cut, saves the tree’s integrity while removing larger limbs. Unlike a flush cut, which cuts the limb too close to the trunk, a collar cut does not lead to bark peeling off or expose a tree to dangerous insects and diseases.

Shrub Trimming – Similar to pruning, shrub trimming can help control a shrub or group of shrubs’ size and shape, leading to a better look overall. This uniformity can help give the property an upscale appearance.

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