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Tree Injections Little Rock 

At Capital City Tree Service, we offer tree injections to help fertilize your tree and to aid in the deflowering process. Both types of injections work to improve your tree’s health and provide convenience for the homeowner tired of cleaning up the seeds and flowers trees leave behind.

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Tree Maintenance Little Rock, AR

Trimming your tree is not the only way to keep it thriving through its full life cycle. It is important your tree has proper nutrients year-round through proper fertilizer. Additionally, some trees produce bothersome seeds and fruits when in bloom, such as sweetgum trees, crabapple, hickory, and oak trees, among others. Using an agent that deflowers trees can abort seed production at the source, eliminating the need to pick up gumballs, fruits, and other seeds and flowers trees yield.

Our certified arborists can assess your tree’s health and make the right call to use the injection that’s right for your tree. We use tree injection formulas trusted throughout the arborist community and always recycle the injection syringes to be used again in other applications.

Types of Tree Injections

Tree injections offered by certified arborists fulfill a wide variety of needs, from fertilizing the tree, to warding off pests and acting as a deflowering agent. We offer two types of tree injections: tree fertilizers and deflowering agents.

Tree fertilizer injections are pretty straightforward; you can take a proactive approach with using one to maintain the life of the tree, or you can mitigate a problem with tree health by injecting a tree that may be showing signs of problems.

Our fertilizer injections provide a balanced solution of nutrients for trees that may not be getting the nutrients from the soil they need to flourish.

Have you ever noticed your sweetgum tree produces “balls” on the tree that litter your yard and are a nuisance to pick up? What if you had a solution to this problem? Some people love how beautiful these trees look, so tree removal is not always the best option if they are healthy. A deflowering tree injection can help!

Among the tree injections we offer is an injection with a deflowering agent which aborts seed production. No more worrying about pesky gumballs or fruit production from trees like crabapple trees, plum trees, and sweetgum trees. If you’re tired of trees like black walnut trees, hickory, and oak trees dropping seeds in your yard and on vehicles parked under the tree, a tree injection is just what you need!

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Injections & Tree Consultation

Once you schedule your appointment, our certified arborist will come to your property and check the tree’s current health. Then, we will drill a small hose in the base of the tree and inject it with your chosen injection – fertilizer or deflowering agent. The length of time of the process depends on the diameter of the tree, the number of trees you want treated, and other conditions. Costs can vary as well. For example, a tree that is 18 inches in diameter will cost around $200 to treat.

Tree injections can be done semi-annually to maintain the tree’s health, but only a certified professional such as those we have at Capital City Tree Service can complete the job. After the job is completed, there is no need to keep children or pets away from the tree, as there are no sprays or other chemicals to worry about. Tree injections take hold within the tree, giving you peace of mind that you need to maintain healthy, happy trees.

If you’re ready to take the next step in tree maintenance, contact Capital City Tree Service to learn about how our tree injections can help your trees today!

Periodic tree pruning eliminates safety hazards while promoting safe and healthy growth patterns to enhance your tree’s beauty.

Get answers to the most common tree questions that most customers ask us! If you still have questions, please contact us – happy to help!

Get rid of unsightly tree stumps that get in the way of mowing and landscaping with quick, environmentally-friendly stump grinding.